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Geotechnical services for groundwater and surface water

We conduct a hydrogeological analysis for you, and support you with planning and simulations in the context of all tasks relating to groundwater and surface water.


Hydrogeological analysis

Hydrogeologisches Gutachten Durchführung eines Versickerungsversuches

Hydrogeological analysis: Conducting an infiltration test

A hydrogeological analysis describes and assesses the subsurface conditions, paying particular attention to groundwater. This may involve various issues which include overarching regional problems, or which describe local conditions for individual construction projects.



We plan wells: 

  • as groundwater measurement points for contaminated site remediation,
  • as extraction wells for water retention in trenches, or
  • Extraction and absorption wells for geothermal systems
  • and simulate possible effects using special software.

We create a hydrogeological analysis with broad regional investigations

  • for the creation of hydrogeological maps,
  • for the indication of water protection areas,
  • for geothermal use (heat from the earth) of groundwater,
  • for raw material extraction and development of natural resources (such as gravel pits).

We create a hydrogeological expert assessment in the framework of local examinations

  • for the assessment of groundwater conditions for construction projects,
  • for the assessment of groundwater levels in the case of flood events in dry well systems (rivers and streams), including long-term forecasts,
  • to clarify building soil wetness,
  • to indicate cemetery locations,
  • to assess contamination of groundwater due to contamination sites and their hazards,
  • to determine groundwater quality (groundwater chemistry),
  • for infiltration of rainwater and domestic wastewater.


A hydrogeological analysis describes the soil, and in particular the groundwater conditions, in a detailed fashion. Using maps, groundwater level measurements and terrain examinations, the aquifers and acquifuges are determined, and the depth of the groundwater as well as its fluctuations are indicated. For existing soils, sediments and/or solid stone, hydrogeological soil key values are determined using permeability k [m/sec] or transmissivity T  [in m²/s]. Flow conditions or the height of possible groundwater extraction can be determined, for example, from groundwater data.





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