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Geothermal and regenerative energy

In the fields of geothermal and regenerative energy, we develop feasibility studies, analyses and planning for facilities to use the earth’s heat.


Geothermal planning services

Nutzung von Geoenergie Machbarkeitsstudie

Use of geothermal energy feasibility study

The primary goal is to examine the chance of obtaining approval and the commercial feasibility of geothermal systems at an early stage, so as to achieve the greatest possible planning security for the client. In coordination with all construction participants and officials, and the corresponding simulations and tests, we develop the best solution for you, and ensure its proper execution and monitoring by experts.

Soil probes, exchanger fields or well systems are used, depending on the size and the geological circumstances. In cooperation with partner companies, we develop holistic concepts for using other renewable energy (solar thermal, photovoltaic, etc.).





1. Pre-investigations and official authorisation

  • Calculation of heat requirement
  • Geology, hydrogeology
  • Site contamination, applicable water law and mining law


2. Feasibility study Geothermal, simulation and tests

  • System design
  • Digital simulation of temperature changes
  • Geothermal response test, analysis
  • Cost comparison and versions
  • Geological/hydrogeological analyses


3. Planning phase Geothermal

  • Detailed draft planning
  • Legal approval procedures concerning water/mining
  • Execution planning as the basis of a tender


4. Tenders, construction supervision and monitoring

  • Generation of service specifications
  • Checking of offers and technical advice on contract award
  • Monitoring construction execution
  • Long-term monitoring to optimise efficiency and adhere to environmental law provisions during operation (water protection officers)



Schematic diagram of geothermal energy near the surface


Knowledge and adherence to the schedule is of great and often decisive importance to successful project executing, from the research phase, through to commissioning the facility.



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